Richard (Bergquist) Ranch: A Colorado Centennial Ranch

Richard Ranch

YVLT Conserves Historic Ranch and Important Sage Grouse Habitat in Jackson County

YVLT is expanding its presence in Jackson County, securing a conservation easement on the 1,715-acre Richard Ranch and bolstering conservation efforts in the area.  Located 11 miles west of Walden, the working ranch and its rolling sagebrush shrublands supply critical habitat for Greater Sage-grouse.

The North Park basin where the ranch is situated is home to the second largest Greater Sage-grouse population in the state of Colorado. Sage-grouse populations have been steadily declining throughout the American West in recent years, but these birds can be found on Richard Ranch year-round, thanks to the property’s close proximity to several active breeding or “lek” sites.

Additionally, the ranch also provides moose habitat and some of the best waterfowl habitat found in the entire region. Richard Ranch borders a 41,000-acre BLM parcel and neighbors the Lake John State Wildlife Area, providing a critical buffer to the wealth of public lands found in Jackson County – in addition to protecting a large block of the scenic landscape.

The Richard Ranch has been in Jeff Richard’s family for over 120 years, homesteaded by his great-grandfather in 1892.  This Colorado Centennial Ranch is also known by his mother’s maiden name as the Bergquist Ranch or the Historic Bergquist Homestead.  The property is notable for several attributes, including: Continue reading “Richard (Bergquist) Ranch: A Colorado Centennial Ranch”

Emerald Mountain North: 586-Acre Expansion of Howelsen Hill Open Space and Recreation Area

mountain bikers

Howelsen Hill and Emerald Mountain, the extraordinary gems creating the backdrop to the City of Steamboat Springs, are much loved by all of those that live, work, visit and play in the beautiful Yampa River Valley.  In an area where outdoor recreation is king and the protection of open land resources reigns as the top community priority, Howelsen and Emerald (aka Quarry Mountain) have provided the community a focal point of diverse recreational activities for over a century.  Continue reading “Emerald Mountain North: 586-Acre Expansion of Howelsen Hill Open Space and Recreation Area”

Redmond Ranch: A Colorado Centennial Ranch in the Making

Jack and Wanda Redmond
Jack and Wanda Redmond

Ten miles west of the town of Yampa, the 387.5-acre Redmond Ranch is graced by aspen, sagebrush and scrub oak on hillsides, overlooking irrigated hay meadows, open grazing and pastureland – the Bull Creek drainage.  The ranch headquarters denote a classic working ranch at the heart of a property important for historic, wildlife, agricultural and scenic values.


Jack and Wanda Redmond, working with the Yampa Valley Land Trust, which was awarded funding from a competitive grant process through the Routt County Purchase of Development Rights Program, created a conservation easement to protect the land.  Initially homesteaded by the William Boor family in 1890, the property was used by James Redmond (senior) in 1917 and purchased by him in 1920. Continue reading “Redmond Ranch: A Colorado Centennial Ranch in the Making”

Mesa Schoolhouse

Mesa Schoolhouse
A fine example of the rural, one-room schoolhouse – the Mesa Schoolhouse – is preserved thanks a collaborative effort that includes Historic Routt County, the City of Steamboat Springs and Yampa Valley Land Trust.  Located a little over a miles south of the junction of Highway 40 and Highway 131, at the base of Rabbit Ears Pass, the half-acre site preserves the history and culture of Routt County’s ranching culture of a century ago. Continue reading “Mesa Schoolhouse”