Conservation in Loving Memory of Cola: for All Critters, Tame and Wild!

YVLT’s land conservation does more than just enrich our lives …

it’s also for critters, tame and wild!



This was the subject line of a donation given in memory of Cola, an adventurous Chocolate Lab who loved roaming Northwest Colorado’s open expanses.

Land conservation preserves the sights, smells and sounds of the great outdoors; the many things that made Cola pause along every walk through this region’s beautiful, diverse landscapes.  As an independent “conservation canine,” Cola loved being in the wild.  [To find out more about conservation canines, follow this link.]

Conservation also opens new areas for ourselves and our canine companions to explore.  With your support, YVLT has worked to bring an additional 5,500 acres to our community featuring public access and open for a wide range of recreational pursuits.  Now, with certain new trails and open spaces for dogs to wander, it’s no wonder why Steamboat Springs has been dubbed “Dog Town USA” (as well as “Bike Town USA” and “Ski Town USA,” of course)!

Conservation is for wild critters, too.  Habitat fragmentation is among the biggest threats to wildlife in the American West.  Land conservation keeps core blocks of wildlife habitat intact, maintaining the health and integrity of entire ecosystems that they rely on.  Further, many privately-owned lands harbor some of the most important, species-rich wildlife habitat in Northwest Colorado, whether it is strutting grounds for Greater Sage-grouse or open hay meadows for elk to use during the rut.  Conservation is critical in ensuring wild critters always remain a fixture in the wonderful place that Cola called home.

Support YVLT today and we will continue preserving the very best of the Yampa Valley and Northwest Colorado for critters, tame and wild – and for the rest of us!