LK Ranch (Berryman Parcel)

2,905 acres of prime wildlife habitat located outside of Meeker, Colorado, was placed in a conservation easement in late 2007. The project was facilitated and sponsored by Yampa Valley Land Trust, its financial donors and supporters.  YVLT received a grant funding award from Colorado Division of Wildlife and the Klinglesmith Family of LK Ranch contributed a portion of the value of the conservation easement that YVLT holds on the property.


A large stand of big sagebrush community makes up the majority of the acreage of this property.  It forms parts of the largest, continuous sage community remaining to the south and southeast of Meeker. LK_Ranch


The habitat is located at approximately 7,500 feet elevation and receives substantial rainfall in most years.  It possesses rich, highly productive, and largely intact native understories and vigorous stands of mountain big sagebrush.  The importance of sagebrush as a source of food and cover for the greater sage grouse has been well established.  The area is also significant for being a big game winter range and as a migration corridor.


The Klinglesmiths purchased the Berryman property with proceeds from a previous conservation easement transaction.  “The Klinglesmith’s “rolling” land conservation activities area amazing.  They have been reinvesting their conservation proceeds into the acquisition of new lands, with which they continue the conservation easement process – rolling from one transaction to the next,” remarked Susan Dorsey, Executive Director of Yampa Valley Land Trust.  “We are again honored to continue our work with another remarkable family.”