Go Batty for the Yampa Valley! [Photo Tour] YVLT e-Newsletter

Click the image below to view YVLT’s Halloween e-newsletter:  a “batty” behind-the-scenes photo tour at YVLT’s Rehder Ranch Nature Preserve.

October 2016 YVLT e-Newsletter

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Conservation in Loving Memory of Cola: for All Critters, Tame and Wild!

YVLT’s land conservation does more than just enrich our lives … it’s also “for critters, tame and wild!“   This was the subject line of a donation given in memory of Cola, an adventurous Chocolate Lab who loved roaming Northwest Colorado’s open expanses. Land conservation preserves the sights, smells and sounds of the great outdoors; […]

Vernon Summer Revolving Loan Fund Ropes in New Conservation Projects in Routt County

Anyone who knew the late Vernon Summer knew that he loved the Yampa Valley. A lifelong resident of Routt County – Vernon was born, raised, and lived his entire life on a Centennial Ranch just south of Steamboat Springs – he appreciated the value that open space and working agricultural lands brought to our community, […]

Gobbling Up Fall at the Rehder Ranch Nature Preserve

Game cameras at RRNP spotted these turkeys out foraging on a classically beautiful Colorado fall day – a first time sighting at the Ranch!

Glas Deffryn Ranch on the Yampa River: YVLT’s Latest Conservation Project

  YVLT is excited to announce the completion of our latest conservation easement: Glas Deffryn Ranch on the Yampa River! If you have ever traveled along Routt County Road 14 – the “gateway” to Stagecoach Reservoir State Park and the surrounding residential community – then you know firsthand what an idyllic stretch of Routt County […]

Open Land Preservation Also Preserves Autumn Fireworks Across NWCO

Every fall, “Colorful” Colorado reminds us how it earned its moniker when stunning displays of seasonal change crescendo in its aspen-blanketed hillsides and cottonwood-lined rivers, igniting the state’s diverse mountain landscapes with explosions of color. A quick science lesson behind the fall color: trees produce less chlorophyll as the days grow shorter.  As a result, […]

Conservation Keeps Annual Crane Festival Anchored in Steamboat

Photo: Colorado Parks & Wildlife This weekend, the Yampa Valley Crane Festival returns to Steamboat Springs for the fifth time to celebrate Greater Sandhill Cranes – a familiar and iconic sight in the Yampa Valley, where the distinctive birds can often be seen strutting around in its plentiful open fields and wet hay meadows. The […]

Researchers Return to RRNP for Bats & Brats [Photo Tour]

A team of biologists with the Colorado Natural Heritage Program of Colorado State University recently returned to YVLT’s Rehder Ranch Nature Preserve for the third consecutive year to study the large maternal bat colony residing in the historic Main House. Led by Rob Schorr and Jeremy Siemers, the researchers joined YVLT at the Rehder compound […]

The Steamboat Stinger: A Punishing Ride Through YVLT Conservation on Emerald Mountain

  A stone’s throw from downtown Steamboat Springs, Emerald Mountain is the crown jewel of the local community and the launching pad for countless summertime happenings in Northwest Colorado (and year-round, for that matter!).  Returning this August 13th and 14th, the annual Steamboat Stinger is among the most celebrated and also perhaps the most challenging […]