Go Batty for the Yampa Valley! [Photo Tour] YVLT e-Newsletter

Click the image below to view YVLT’s Halloween e-newsletter:  a “batty” behind-the-scenes photo tour at YVLT’s Rehder Ranch Nature Preserve.

Gobbling Up Fall at the Rehder Ranch Nature Preserve

Game cameras at RRNP spotted these turkeys out foraging on a classically beautiful Colorado fall day – a first time sighting at the Ranch!

Researchers Return to RRNP for Bats & Brats [Photo Tour]

A team of biologists with the Colorado Natural Heritage Program of Colorado State University recently returned to YVLT’s Rehder Ranch Nature Preserve for the third consecutive year to study the large maternal bat colony residing in the historic Main House. Led by Rob Schorr and Jeremy Siemers, the researchers joined YVLT at the Rehder compound […]

Youth Group Connects with Nature While Volunteering at YVLT’s Rehder Ranch Nature Preserve

Under a Colorado-blue sky on an idyllic day in June, 15 enthusiastic members of a youth group and their chaperones broke out shovels, rakes, and work gloves to give the Rehder Ranch Nature Preserve a well-deserved makeover for upcoming summer programming. “The Rehder Ranch is so fun – I could definitely live out here!” exclaims […]

YVLT Helps Eagles – and Bats – Soar!

Eagle Scout Ian Savage and RRNP Caretaker Ryan Gelling showcase the luxurious new bat accommodations. Seventeen-year old Eagle Scout Ian Savage stopped by the YVLT office this week to present us with his latest project, which he appropriately titled “Batman’s House.” In search of a meaningful service project for the Eagle Scouts, Ian reached out […]