Wizard of Awe: YVLT Conservation Protects Awe-Inspiring Landscapes Across NW Colorado

“An awe-inducing stimulus — whether a stunning landscape, an intense religious experience, or a cloud-skimming skyscraper — gives us a sense of vastness, seeming much larger than us and the things we are used to.” –Association for Psychological Science-   You’ve almost certainly been awe-struck by something in Northwest Colorado. Maybe you have experienced it […]

Glas Deffryn Ranch on the Yampa River: YVLT’s Latest Conservation Project

  YVLT is excited to announce the completion of our latest conservation easement: Glas Deffryn Ranch on the Yampa River! If you have ever traveled along Routt County Road 14 – the “gateway” to Stagecoach Reservoir State Park and the surrounding residential community – then you know firsthand what an idyllic stretch of Routt County […]

Open Land Preservation Also Preserves Autumn Fireworks Across NWCO

Every fall, “Colorful” Colorado reminds us how it earned its moniker when stunning displays of seasonal change crescendo in its aspen-blanketed hillsides and cottonwood-lined rivers, igniting the state’s diverse mountain landscapes with explosions of color. A quick science lesson behind the fall color: trees produce less chlorophyll as the days grow shorter.  As a result, […]

Steamboat Marathon: A Run Through Conservation in the Elk River Valley

 A pristine stretch of the Elk River on YVLT-conserved Moon Valley Ranch, just west of the marathon course. On June 5th, around 1,000 runners from across the nation will converge on Routt County to participate in the Steamboat Marathon, renowned as one of the most beautiful road races in the United States and ranked by […]

Tour de Steamboat Showcases NWCO’s Spectacular Conserved Landscapes

Steamboat Springs is well-known for hosting a wide variety of events and festivals that attract thousands of people to our vibrant mountain town.  Many of these unique events showcase Steamboat’s rugged mountain scenery, its wealth of natural areas and abundance of wildlife – qualities which are undoubtedly a huge draw for visitors and locals alike. […]