“The Wonder of Bats”

The wonder of bats: evolution, ecology, and conservation in the Yampa Valley

Content courtesy of Bud Werner Memorial Library


Hear from conservation biologist Rob Schorr about little brown bats and the work Colorado Natural Heritage Program is doing at Yampa Valley Land Trust’s historic Rehder Ranch Nature Preserve and The Nature Conservancy’s historic Carpenter Ranch to study the bats and what we can do to conserve them.

About Rob Schorr
Rob Schorr is a zoologist and conservation biologist with the Colorado Natural Heritage Program at Colorado State University. He has studied the ecology of rare and lesser-known species in Colorado for 17 years. He has studied the hibernacula selection of Townsend’s big-eared bats, the roosting conditions for pallid bats, and the population ecology of little brown bats.

This program is presented by the Colorado Natural Heritage Program, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Yampa Valley Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy and the Bud Werner Memorial Library.

Photo courtesy Mical Hutson