Butterflies and a Walk Through Time at YVLT’s Rehder Ranch

Game cameras at the Rehder Ranch Nature Preserve reveal that it is a sanctuary for deer, elk, bears, and even wild turkeys.  What these motion-activated cameras don’t capture is that it is also home to a wide range of insects, which thrive in this secluded  draw along Harrison Creek in Pleasant Valley. 

The abundance of butterflies on the property sparked the interest of CMC’s John Saunders, who led an educational tour at the Rehder Ranch in July to search for these colorful arthropods.

The butterflies took flight as the powerful summer sun began to cut through the chilly morning air.  Visitors discovered an assortment of fritillaries (orange, below), cloudless sulfurs, and tiger swallowtails.

Following John’s tour, YVLT was joined by Kathy Cline and Arianthe Stettner of Historic Routt County to share their knowledge about the Rehder family and the property’s historical significance.  Kathy and Arianthe discussed the property’s homestead heritage, the challenges early settlers faced in Routt County, and Helen and Henry Rehder’s hard-working lives on the ranch.  Thank you John, Kathy, Arianthe, and all that joined YVLT at the Render Ranch Nature Preserve!

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