LK Ranch

The 3,700-acre LK Ranch, owned by the Klinglesmith family, is located on the western edge of the agricultural heart of the White River Valley.  The Klinglesmiths have a long and notable family history in the Valley dating back to the area’s first homesteaders.  They continue their family’s ranching legacy with the conservation easement on their ranch held by Yampa Valley Land Trust.

LK Ranch White River Valley
The rolling topography, open meadows and agricultural pastureland that extend up the Grand Hogback and along five miles of FlagCreek comprise the majority of the scenic LK Ranch.  Additionally, the LK Ranch and the public lands that surround it (Bureau of Land Management lands, White River National Forest lands and the nearby Oak Ridge State Wildlife Area) provide critical habitat for a multitude of wildlife species including: elk, mule deer, mountain lion, black bears, bald eagles, greater sage-grouse, sharp-tailed grouse and wild turkey.  LK Ranch also serves as a migration corridor for wildlife species moving through the White River Valley over the Grand Hogback.  The conservation easement permanently protects these scenic, agricultural, wildlife and other open land resources found on the LK Ranch.

“It’s been an honor to work with the Klinglesmith Family.  Their dedication to the land is outstanding,” stated Susan Dorsey, Executive Director of Yampa Valley Land Trust.

Yampa Valley Land Trust facilitated the transaction and raised over $2 million in cash for the acquisition of the conservation easements through grants and funding requests prepared and managed by YVLT.  Great Outdoors Colorado and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service helped with the funding, along with donors and supporters of YVLT.