“I love this Valley – there’s no doubt about it!”

-Elaine Gay-

Green Creek Ranch

“Elaine’s Place” by Chula Beauregard

“There are still many birds in the valley to fill the air with song in the spring. There are frogs croaking in the sloughs and ponds. The hills and mountains are relatively unscathed from the big building boom that has left other mountain areas covered with huge houses and scars from ski runs and over development. There is still the roaring of streams in the springtime as they dash down the mountainside into the rivers below. There remains a quietness and sense of peace at being away from the noise and blare of traffic.”

“How wonderful it would be if we could just keep what we have left, as it is, for all the world and future generations to see.”

Elaine Gay, from “How Pleasant is the Valley” (1995)

Elaine’s love for Pleasant Valley led her to conserve 1,000 acres of her beloved Green Creek Ranch.

Colorado Conservation

Card CROP Elaine Gay

Colorado Conservation

Tribute to a Grand Lady

Echoing from ridge to ridge and to the river below, the heartfelt words of Elaine ring throughout this incredible Valley.

Matriarch, Mentor, Conservationist, Friend, Leader and Rancher.

Her home was her hearth and her kitchen her heart. And from her kitchen and from deep within her heart she proved that pies prevail over powder.

Along with stories of watering cabbages before a first date to leading the charge to keep Pleasant Valley pleasant – Elaine also helped to open the eyes of the community to the impacts a new city and resort development of 10,000 would have on the land, its people, Green Creek Ranch and the Valley that she so loved.

Elaine – you will remain an inspiration for land conservation and an inspiration to the people dedicated to protecting the Yampa Valley and Northwest Colorado.

From all of your friends that stood with you in the face of seemingly irreversible changes – Elaine – in your name and with your heart we vow to continue in your footsteps to do our best to protect this incredible Valley.

And more importantly –

we love you Elaine –

and always will –

there’s no doubt about it.

In loving memory to Elaine Gay:

Elaine was my mentor and my inspiration to create Yampa Valley Land Trust for our Valley and Northwest Colorado. We will miss you, Elaine.