Yampa River Festival: Celebrating One of the Last Relatively Free-flowing Rivers in the American West

kayak YampaCrowds flock to Charlie’s Hole in downtown Steamboat Springs to watch brave souls tackle the Yampa’s surging whitewater.

This weekend (June 3rd), the Yampa River Festival returns to Steamboat Springs to celebrate its 36th season of raising awareness for and protecting the Yampa River – the lifeblood of Northwest Colorado.  The Yampa River is a relic of the way waterbodies once were in the American West: it is among the last relatively free-flowing rivers remaining in this arid region.  The water that runs through the Yampa supports globally rare attributes further downstream, including unique plant communities and four endangered fish species.

The Yampa River is under intense pressure to meet ever-increasing demands for water, underscoring the urgency to protect this critically important resource today.  With more than 20+ years of energy poured into conserving the Upper Yampa River watershed, YVLT has permanently preserved thousands of acres along its 250-mile watercourse.  In addition, YVLT has worked to expand public access opportunities along the river corridor, allowing more people to enjoy this treasured community asset.

We have so much more to do in order to safeguard the health and integrity of the Yampa River.  Your support is critical in preserving this precious natural resource!

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